Children's Services
We provide short breaks for children with a wide range of fun activities.
Play Facilities
Nature walks
Animal Interaction

Short Breaks at Rugare (Peace) House

Short Breaks at Lav Care Services ensure every child or young person has the opportunity to make new friends, try new things and have time away from family and carers.

Short Breaks offer opportunities for children and young people to;

  1. Increase independence with time away from parents.
  2. Build new confidence and skills.
  3. Meet and make new friends
  4. Try new things and take part in fulfilling activities.

Short Breaks also offer families a chance to;

  1. Have a break from their caring responsibilties.
  2. Spend time with other family members.
  3. Take the opportunity to rest and get vital me time.

Activities For Children To Enjoy At Lav Care

Animal therapy at the farm


Walks in the nature reserve


Outdoor gym

Zip lining


Egg collection at the farm


A visit to the pirate ship

Art and craft

Sunset Barn

Book Exchange

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