Domiciliary Services
Support to keep you safe, comfortable and living independently in your own home.

What We Provide

Otherwise known as care at home – because it puts you  back in control of the support you receive. With one-to-one personal attention, from 30 minutes a week and up to several visits a day or overnight support, our care plans are completely built around you. 

Our Home Care Packages Include;

  1. Intermittent Visits.
  2. Round the Clock Care.
  3. Night Support.

What You Can Expect With Our Service

  1. Meal preparation.
  2. Light housework.
  3. Help looking after pets.
  4. Shopping, trips, visits and errands.
  5. Recreational support – help to get to social events, hobbies and see friends.
  6. Assistance getting to/from the toilet.
  7. Assistance with showering, bathing, washing, dressing, shaving and oral hygiene.
  8. Assistance with nutritional needs.
  9. Prompting to take medication or re-order prescriptions.
  10. Assistance with mobility or may require some steadying, e.g. a walking stick.

Night Support Service

For all-night duties, our dedicated nightly support care option is for those who primarily need care during the night, rather than during the day. The hours are flexible, depending on the care needs, but would typically be from 9pm through to 7am.

  • Night sitting –  The carer is on call at all times during the night and is awake, alert and making certain the client is sleeping, resting or at least safe, sound and secure.
  • Night sleeper – The carer is on hand in the client’s home, for them to call as they need. A carer can be called up to 3 times per night for periods of no longer than 30 mins. A bed is requested for the carer, but you have peace of mind that there is someone on hand if required.

The carer is on hand during the night to assist with any requirements. This might range from toileting assistance to simply providing the reassurance that someone is awake, alert, and making certain that you’re sleeping safe, sound, and secure, providing the ultimate peace of mind.

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